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Landlady & Landlord.

Lisa & Stewart

our landlady

Meet Lisa.

Meet Lisa, a woman of unwavering dedication and boundless passion, who has graced The Crown with her presence for over 11 years.

Right from the start, it was clear that Lisa was meant for something special at The Crown. With her infectious charm and a sparkle in her eyes, she quickly became the soul of The Crown, winning over both regulars and team members alike.

Through the highs and the curveballs, Lisa tackled each challenge with her unique blend of determination and grace. Her dedication and commitment didn’t just earn her a place in the hearts of everyone around, but also the honorary title of “The Heart of The Crown”.

Lisa’s story took a great turn when she decided to take the reins of The Crown herself. With the rock-solid support of her lovely partner, Stewart, they became the power duo that would redefine The Crown.

As the proud Landlady of the Crown, Lisa brought her artistic flair to every nook and cranny. Lisa has effortlessly blended tradition with a splash of innovation turned The Crown into more than just a spot to unwind – it became an experience.

But Lisa’s story doesn’t stop at The Crown’s doorstep. She’s a true local champion, throwing her support behind community initiatives and turning The Crown into a hub of culture and camaraderie.

Beyond her hustle and bustle at work, Lisa’s the kind of person who makes being a partner and friend look like a walk in the park. Her caring nature and warm smile have a way of making people feel like they’ve known her forever.

Lisa & Stewart Crown
our Landlord

Meet Stewart.

At the heart of the Crown, alongside Lisa, stands Stewart – our Landlord.

Stewart’s journey at The Crown is a testament to the power of partnership. With Lisa’s passion and Stewart’s steady hand, they’ve transformed The Crown into a haven of delight, where every visit is a memory in the making.

With his unflinching support and shared enthusiasm, Stewart has become the perfect partner, adding his own touch of magic to the charm of The Crown. His attention to detail and warm smile has woven into the very fabric of the place, making it feel like a home away from home.

As The Crown’s journey unfolds, Stewart stands proudly by Lisa’s side, a true symbol of their united dream. Together, they continue to create a story that warms hearts and brings joy to all who step through The Crown’s welcoming doors.